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Driver Shortages and Carrier Capacity issues are driving more and more customers to find other solutions to move their products to market faster. Worldwide Logistics, Inc. has recognized these transportation pressures and have leveraged our buying power with the countries major Railroads, Intermodal Providers, and Dray Agents to provide multiple transportation options at a cost far below the supply and demand driven over the road truckload market.


Equipment Availability

Worldwide takes advantage of vast supply of high-capacity, double-stack containers that allows our customers the operational flexibility to move their goods to market faster. No more excuses by trucking companies of unavailable equipment or limited recourses in a specific area. Worldwide has eliminated those excuses and has developed strong relationships with the area's Dray Agents to provide the on-time, dependable service you expect. If you feel that your shipment is not large enough to fill a full container, not to worry. These containers come in various sizes ranging from a 20' container to a 53' container. Just tell us how much your product needs and our Intermodal Experts will advise the most cost efficient solution.


Rail Service

The perception of Rail Service is that it is slow and very unpredictable. This is not true. In many cases, the rail can meet and even in some cases, exceed the service levels provided by Over the Road Truckers. The major westbound railroads offer a 3rd AM service to the Pacific Coast. A container, which is loaded in Chicago on a Friday, can be available for delivery in Los Angeles on Monday. To avoid rail congestion, the railroads are reducing transit times by adding more scheduled departures.

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